Stay SAFE on the job with Headline It!®


  • Keep SAFE with Headline It!
  • Keep DRY with Headline It!
  • Keep COMFORTABLE with Headline It!

Stay SAFE on the job with Headline It!®

Headline it!'s patented layering technology STOPS sweat from rolling down into and burning your eyes! Don't let sweat continue to distract you from getting the job done safely! "Don't Sweat it - Headline it!"

Keep DRY on those days when a hot sun makes a long day even longer! Since liquids can hold more heat than air, having a moist construction helmet can continue to dehydrate your skin throughout the day! Save ENERGY by absorbing helmet sweat immediately into these disposable liners! Even in COLD climates, continued sweat can cause dehydration. So stay DRY and stay focused with Headline it!

Keep COMFORTABLE with the additional cushioning Headline it! provides! Our thin liners act as a shock buffer from helmet straps, maintaining smooth and even contact across your skin. Tender spots on your scalp from non-stop helmet pressure will become a thing of the past with Headline it!

Each disposable liner lasts about a week to ten days of continued user, and there are 10 individually wrapped liners per box – which is usually a two month supply!