My name is Jodi Pliszka, M.S, President-Inventor of HEADLINE IT!  We are a Small Disadvantaged, Nationally Certified Women Business Enterprise based in Muskego, Wisconsin.  I am a Clinical Therapist that lost my hair 28 years ago to Alopecia Universalis and invented our product out of pure necessity to help make wigs, hats, surgical caps etc. more comfortable.  I would like to introduce you to a new, high tech, high quality product that has become the number one accessory for wigs, hats, helmets, and scarves in a very short period of time. Our liners help increase the STERILE ENVIRONMENT by stopping sweat before it rolls into the eyes. For use by Surgeons, nurses, doctors, cancer patients, maintenance people, and anyone who wears any type of headwear item.


HEADLINE IT! COMFORT LINERS are thin disposable liners made from high tech wick wear.  Each liner affixes securely inside any headwear item with a self-adhering peel strip. Each disposable liner must be replaced after one week, to ten days to maintain hygiene and effectiveness of sweat absorption. HEADLINE IT!is the only product in the worldthat allows sweat to evaporate continuously, while keeping the headwear items (wigs, hats, scarves, ie.) dry and clean. 


More importantly, HEADLINE IT!offers:  COMFORT:  Ultra-thin wick wear passes sensitivity testing and reduces itchiness by eliminating salt lines from the wig/hat.   HYGIENE: It traps oils, salts, and odors into the liner. SAVES MONEY/ TIME from not having to wash wigs as often, ENHANCED STERILE ENVIRONMENT.  COOLING: It evaporates sweat continuously, reducing Heat Stress in the summer. WARMING: helps reduce Cold Stress by keeping the head and body temperature more consistent. We took the cotton liner and improved it with high tech material that functions with more benefits at a low cost to your customers. NON-SLIP material keeps wigs in place.  The TAN color hides more discreetly under wigs than white liners.


Please see our MEDICAL HEADLINE IT! link under products from more information.  Thank you!